Adding Life to the Lifecycle for Used Smartphones and Mobile Devices

We offer a comprehensive suite of solutions for integrated buyback, repair and replacement including certified refurbished devices

Squeeze Every Drop of Value from Your Company’s Used Smartphones

Simplify your device collection efforts. Delight your accounting department.  We’ve created a better mousetrap for value recovery. (And BTW – it works for more than just smartphones…) 

Designed for Humans (and Machines)

When it comes to getting people to send in used stuff, experience has taught us the “Why needs to be clear and the “How better be easy.  We’ve used our considerable collective know-how for designing take-back and recycling programs to build a solution that both program managers and employees actually like and use. 

Recover Maximum Value

When you Send Your Cell Phones and Tablets to Corporate Renew

Our global footprint and closed-loop repair and parts recovery process ensure you get the most value from your devices. Our powerful, custom portal makes the process easier for your employees, leading to greater participation and shortened device collection cycles. Combined with our simplified testing criteria, Corporate Renew gets you more money for more devices. 


  • Direct Sales Channels: We sell directly to consumers and businesses, avoiding other intermediaries
  • Experience: We’ve processed almost 1.6 million devices since 2015
  • We’re worldwide: With locations on 4 continents, we have unparalleled visibility into global markets
  • End-to-end control of the process: No partnerships or external contractors
  • We upgrade intelligently: We repair and cosmetically transform devices selectively to achieve the highest possible ROI

Shop Certified Refurbished Devices

Need new smartphones or tablets? We can help! 

Certified smartphones, tablets, and more are available directly from Corporate Renew! Enjoy free shipping and a 30 day warranty on all devices. You can even use your earnings from sending in old devices to Corporate Renew for the purchase of new devices from our shop!

Your Company will be in Good Company

Companies Use Corporate Renew

Shipments Received

Devices Processed (and counting!)

Simple and Automated

How Corporate Renew Works

    With our easy-to-use portal, you’ll have access to:

    • On-demand shipping labels
    • Real-time order tracking
    • Economic reports
    • Environmental metrics

    Plus, your company administrator will receive automated updates at every step of the process including verification of data removal.

    Our Ever-Expanding Universe of Acceptable Device Types

    Mobile Phones

    iPhone, Samsung, LG, and more


    iPad, Microsoft Surface, Samsung Galaxy Tab, and more

    Wearable Tech

    Apple Watch and other wearable devices


    MacBooks, Chromebooks, and other laptops

    Global Operations – We’ve Got You Covered!

    18 Locations on 4 Continents

    Security by Design

    Our multi-layer approach to data security includes serialized tracking and verifications of data removal for every device we receive

    We understand the level of security measures needed to ensure your wireless data is protected. We’ve designed our buyback program around a 100% guaranteed data removal process. We have the capacity and capability to quickly process and report all activity including automated and live order tracking, verification of data removal, environmental disposition, and asset values via the Corporate Renew Portal.

    Our complete data security solution includes:


    Data sanitization fully integrated into process flow


    100% guaranteed data removal


    Serialized tracking and reporting


    Automated updates including verification of data clearing


    On demand visibility through the Corporate Renew Portal

    Minimize Your Environmental Impact

    Measure the effects of your recycling efforts

    Our sustainable buyback solution ensures:


    Compliance with all federal, state, and local legislation


    Environmental metrics reporting


    Devices deemed "end-of-life" are recycled by EPA-sanctioned R2 and e-Steward certified electronics recyclers


    Prioritization of device reuse

    Today’s fast paced business environment demands that users upgrade wireless devices more frequently than ever before, leaving IT departments to struggle with how to properly retire these devices. By incorporating buyback into your company’s device upgrade cycle, you’re helping to extend the life of your current smartphones and tablets while recovering maximum value.

    Our Processing Center holds the following certifications: