Device Recycling Logistics Options

Reconext offers a comprehensive array of solutions to recover used smartphones and other devices from your employees. With more people working from home than ever, we understand the need to provide user-friendly shipping options that maximize send-in rates.

Let us work with you to determine the best options for your company’s unique scenario and objectives. All options are completely cost-free for our customers!

Email Delivery

Reportable by individual employee

When you have a deployment of devices for remote workers, simply provide us with a list of their email addresses and we will directly email a prepaid shipping label each employee. We will provide reporting on return rates. Your employees will also receive shipping reminders to encourage them to return their devices as quickly as possible. 

At Deployment

Include return labels with new devices when they are sent to employees

Request a number of prepaid labels to be provided in PDF format prior to deployment. When you or your partner or setting up devices, you can include a printed copy of the PDF label for the employee to utilize. We will provide reporting on label return rates.

Web Based Self-Serve

Employees can access shipping labels when they need them

We will host a stand-alone URL that allows any employee to request prepaid shipping labels quickly and easily and print them on-demand.


Consolidate devices first and then ship

Ship back in bulk! We can report back by location/cost center if needed as well.

Why Corporate Renew

Our end-to-end refurbishment, repair, and parts recovery process ensure you get the most value from your used devices while providing complete data security. our powerful, custom portal makes the process easier for your employees., leading to greater participation and shortened device collection cycles.

Lowest conditional requirements mean more devices qualify for payment!

Robust, customizable software platform

Full-Featured API

Integration via iFrame or other "integration light" options

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